Andy Pipkin
Name Andy Pipkin
Age 31
Gender Male
Country UK
Sibling Declan Pipkin
Interests Fake being disabled
First Appearance Season 1, Episode 1
Season(s) 1, 2, 3
Played By Matt Lucas
Friendships With Lou Todd, Declan Pipkin
Conflicts With Mrs. Mead, Anya, Mean Bullies, Marjorie Dawes (one sided; on his side)


  • "Yeah I know."
  • "I don't like it."
  • "I want that one."
  • "I look a pillock."
  • "I need to use the toilet."
  • "That one"
  • "get fucked"
  • "your mum is a fat slag".
  • "lou is a hoe"
  • this was changed by Keaton farrow

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