Little Britain Wiki
Name Anne
Age 39
Gender Female
Country UK
Occupation Saturday librarian at a local library, part-time evening bowling alley attendant and restaurant pianist.
Related Places Steven Spielberg Psychiatric Hospital
Related Characters Dr. Lawrence, Doctor Beagrie
Played By David Walliams

Anne is a patient at the Steven Spielberg Phychiatric Hospital in Little Bentcock who is under the care of Dr. Lawrence.

Anne often draws/paints strange things such as an erection flipbook or poo. She also often does strange things, such as go on Stars in their Eyes, wees in a lake, harm things. She is also known for her catchphrase 'Eh, eh, eh' which is pretty much the only thing she says, this catchphrase is often accompanied with stroking Dr. Beagrie. Anne also does a small part-time job, working for a few hours every Saturday at a local library to earn a small income. She also does two other part-time jobs as an evening bowling alley attendant and a pianist for a restaurant. Her character is similar to that of Mr Doggy's owner.

Dr. Lawrence[]

Dr. Lawrence
Name Dr. Lawrence
Occupation Doctor
Played By Matt Lucas
Related Places Steven Spielberg Psychiatric Hospital

Dr. Lawrence is Anne's doctor at the Steven Spielberg Psychiatric Hospital. He often shows his colleague, Dr. Beagrie, Anne's different events/jobs, such as being a librarian or feeding the ducks. Usually though she is doing something quite embarassing which makes Dr. Beagrie feel uncomfortable which Dr. Lawrence is oblivious to.When we first see Dr. Lawrence it is apparent that he is near sighted and needed to wear glasses (which Anne stole from him).

Dr. Beagrie[]

Anne is sexually attracted to Dr Beagrie, as Anne often strokes him or gives him money for no reason. Dr. Beagrie seems to be forced into meeting Anne on her jobs and outings by Dr. Lawrence and tries to stay clear of Anne when possible.

Mental State[]

These are things which Anne does/says which is affected by her mental illness.

Eh, Eh, Eh![]

Anne pretty much says nothing except "Eh, Eh, Eh!" which she says quite a lot, often accompanied with an action (eg. throwing something, hitting something or stroking something, usually Dr. Beagrie). Anne ocasionally speaks normally, although this is usually only on the phone or in Stars in their Eyes and in a male voice.


Coprophilia, is a paraphilia involving sexual pleasure from faeces. Anne once defecated on a picture, when she was at Dr. Lawrence‘s house. When everyone at the hospital celebrated Christmas, Anne wrote ‘Mery Xmass’, in what appears to be excrement.


Some Little Britain fans believe that Anne is really a man (due to Anne's male voice and male looking hair) who is schizophrenic and thinks he is a lady. This has not, however, been confirmed.


Anne often is fairly angry and does some violent things such as chucking a guinea-pig that belonged to Dr. Lawrence's daughter, Emma, out the window and when she was doing some gardening she started chucking plants into the ground to grow them.