Bing Gordyn is a character in Little Britain USA.

Character description[edit | edit source]

Bing is a retired astronaut. He is the eighth and second to last man to walk on the Moon. As he has a moustache, he likes to call himself as "the first man with a moustache to walk on the moon". He is exceedingly bitter about the fact that he is largely unknown to the general public, as opposed to Neil Armstrong. In his first appearance, he is speaking to a Boy Scout troop about the moon, but when they show a lack of interest and the questions turn to other astronauts like Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, he lashes out of the boys, asking them if they'd ever done anything important like walk (or in the case of one wheelchair-using boy, roll) on the moon. He is awarded a Cub Scout Explorer badge by a scout on behalf of the troop, but disparages the achievement sarcastically, earning an insult from the boy.

In his second sketch, it is shown that he arranges plumbers (played by Matt Lucas) and other handymen to his house to try and impress them about his exploits, but always fails to do so. In his final sketch, he pulls out a shotgun on a university student (played by Matt Lucas) writing an essay on the theory of the faked moon landings and, for once, mentions the negative details of his trip ("It was real cold, the food was horrible, I threw up in my helmet!"), before chasing him out of his house with a shotgun and yelling "I went to the goddamn Moon!"

He is similar to the character Denver Mills as they both are Walliams characters and both hold major achievements that nobody else cares about.

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