In Little Britain, Bubbles DeVere, Reuben and Desiree DeVere formed a love triangle.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Bubbles and Roman are divorced. Bubbles then meets Roman at a knew health spa with his new wife Desiree. Despite Bubbles and Desiree being very ugly, Roman is attracted to them - This especially applies to Desiree. This love triangle causes conflict between Bubbles and Desiree.

Characters involved[edit | edit source]

Bubbles DeVere[edit | edit source]

Bubbles divorces Roman. She then meets him and Desiree at Hill Grange Health spa, and conflicts with Desiree. One time, Desiree thought Roman was having an afair with Bubbles. Also, one time, Roman almost kissed Bubbles, but then Desiree caught him.

Roman DeVere[edit | edit source]

Roman goes to Hill Grange Health Spa with Desiree. He met his ex-wife Bubbles there, and Bubbles and Desiree started to fight, much to his amusement. He once almost kissed Bubbles whilst there, but Desiree caught him.

Desiree DeVere[edit | edit source]

Desiree DeVere meets Roman's ex-wife Bubbles. Desiree got into fights with Bubbles and would get furious if Roman dared to have an affair with Bubbles. Desiree eventually got very angry at Bubbles, and left the health spa early and said "that bitch has ruined our honeymoon !".

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