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David Owens
Name David Owens
Age 25
Gender Male

Macclefield Cheshire

Occupation Manager at Olios
Father Da
Mother Ma
Spouse He is Punching
Sibling Dewi
Sexuality Homosexual
Birthplace Llandewi Breffi
First Appearance Pilot Episode
Season(s) 1, 2, 3
Played By Matt Lucas
Conflicts With Farmer Hughes, Rhiannon

Dafydd Thomas is a major character from the Little Britain franchise. Hailing from the mining village of Llandewi Breffi, Wales, Dafydd repeatedly and falsely claims that he is the only gay, or at the very least, the only gay man, within the village. Along with Vicky Pollard, Lou Todd, Andy Pipkin, Emily Howard and Marjorie Dawes, Dafydd appeared in every season of the show, including its Christmas specials and the Little Britain USA spin-off.

He was portrayed by Little Britain writer, comedian and actor, Matt Lucas.


Dafydd has short blonde hair, and often wears tight fitting clothes, usually made of leather. He also wears a few pieces of jewelery.


Whilst Dafydd can be shown to be friendly and civil at times, he losses his temper and gets angry quite frequently. He is also known to be very dramatic especially about his sexuality. Dafydd, of course, likes to put emphasis on his homosexuality and will bring it up at any opportunity. Despite this, Dafydd does not like to socialise with gay people, doesn't catch on when people are gay or get involved in homosexual activities.

Dafydd frequently likes to portray himself as a victim of society, acting as if he is living in an age where gay people are not tolerated. In reality, though, much of his "grief" is self-inflicted and in retrospect, Dafydd is not a very nice man. Whilst the rest of the village is shown to be very open and friendly towards him, Dafydd will often treat them with extreme hostility (especially from Season 2 onwards). Whenever anyone tries to interact with him Dafydd will act as if these innocent people made a homophobic remark about him. If anybody tries to get close to or help Dafydd, his behaviour often enrages and drives them away.

Perhaps the most poignant example of this was when his mother returned home from a shopping venture in the third series. Striking up a conversation with him, she tried to persuade her son that it was time for him to move on and become more independent (i.e. get a job and his own place). Dafydd however, acted as though they lived in an age where homosexuals were not tolerated, stating he would be unable to do any of these things due to his sexuality. His refusal to accept that people don't act like that anymore annoyed his mother, and when Daffyd refused to help her with the shopping she called him a "Big poof". Dafydd promptly leapt to his feet, called her a homophobe and threaten to report her to childline, claiming she had rejected him due to his sexuality.

As such Dafydd appears to have very few friends outside his family, with the exception of his barmaid Myfanwy, who he later discovers is a lesbian. He is also shown to be very selfish and lazy.

Family & Love life[]

Daffyd comes from a very large family, and has made reference to several aunts and uncles. It is never specified how many of these are related to him by blood. Homosexuality seems to run in the Thomas family, with many of his family members confirmed as being homosexual including:

  • Dafydd ‘s mother - who according to Myfanwy has had 'fanny fun' with Myfanwy's Aunt Ruth.
  • Dafydd’s father.
  • Dewi - Dafydd's brother, who has a Spanish boyfriend called Pedro (portrayred by David Williams).
  • Dafydd's uncles- he claims that two of his uncles live in San Francisco.
  • Dafydd's cousin.
  • Dafydd's aunt.

Despite this, it is clear that some Thomas' (such as Dafydd’s parents) are capable of maintaining bisexual relationships, though their marriage appears to be quite open.

Due to his insistence upon being the "only gay" wherever he goes, Dafydd has absolutely no love life, and so far as we know, has never had any boyfriends. He once entered the local pub with a lost Spanish girl who Dafydd claimed was his girlfriend. It quickly became clear that she does not speak a word of English or Welsh as she looked very bored during an episode of Pobol y Cwm as Dafydd mentions. What became of her and their 'relationship' is never specified.

The Only Gay in the Village / on the Island/ on Campus[]

In every single one of his appearances, Dafydd Thomas will persistently claim that he is "The Only Gay in the Village". This was altered to "The Only Gay on Campus" in Little Britain USA, and "The Only Gay on the Greek island of Mykonos" in Little Britain Abroad.

Despite numerous attempts on his part to prove this, Dafydd's statement is blatantly not true and would become less and less so with every passing episode of the show. Over the course of the series, Thomas has meets numerous gay people both in and out of the village but either doesn't realise or refuses to accept that any of them are gay. Every time he tries to prove his the village/campus/islands sole gay resident will backfire spectacularly leaving Dafydd infuriated and embarrassed. Notable examples include:-

  • He refused to accept that a new arrival to the village was a gay. He presented him with two questions, thinking that only a real gay man would know the answers to them. The man (and the rest of the pub patrons) answered the questions flawlessly. In an ironic twist, Dafydd had got one of the answers wrong.
  • Dafydd organised a gay night at Myfanwy's pub. He prepared to leave early claiming no one else would arrive, saying in a "defeated tone" that he would always be the only gay in the village. The second he opened the door, dozens of gays flooded in.
  • Upon coming out to his family, Dafydd discovered that most of his aunt and uncles were gay.
  • Thomas took a stand against his local library claiming that they had no books for gays like himself. After creating a small section for himself, the librarian showed him that they already had a gay section, which was very popular.
  • Dafydd made sure that none of the other residents of Llandewi Breffi heard about a gay rugby match between them and the residents of another village. Even the Captain from the opposing team stated that he knew that there were other gay residents otherwise. His fellow patrons then expressed their disappointment at not knowing as they would love to have played in the game.
  • When Myfanwy opened a gay pub on Mykono's, Dafydd deliberately sabotaged the opening night. He only handed out two leaflets so that nobody would hear about it. Unfortunately for him, one of the people he did give a leaflet to, a nun, turned out to be lesbian.

The residents of Llandewi Breffi, for the most part are usually shown to be either bisexual or full out gays. As such, although Dafydd claims otherwise, the villagers will always treat him with tolerance and understanding. It is usually Thomas that takes on the aggressive or villainous role. Whilst Dafydds antics will sometimes annoy his fellow villagers, most of the time they will usually ignore them or turn a blind eye to his behaviour.


Despite claiming to be homosexual himself, Dafydd is actually a very homophobic person. He will also get angry whenever people are not homophobic towards him. This works both ways, however, as whenever an opportunity does present itself Dafydd will treat people as if they had made harsh comments about him. Notable examples include: -

  • In one episode, Dafydd tricked a group of gay Star Trek fans into leaving the pub by pretending that Myfanwy had ordered them to leave.
  • When Myfanwy later organised a 'Gay Night' for Dafydd in the pub, gay men poured into the pub, only for Dafydd to chase them out with a barstool shouting "Get back, you gay bastards!" When Myfanwy refused to get rid of the group, Dafydd then tricked them into leaving claiming that the night had been called off. When Myfanwy called him out on this, he acted as if she was the homophobe.
  • He called an altar boy that said hello to him a "queer basher" following a failed 'Hamlet' audition. In fact in most of the episodes that followed this one Dafydd would act as if people he passed/met in the street had made harsh comments about him, whilst said people were actually shown to be open and friendly towards him.
  • At Myfanwy's civil partnership to another woman, Rhiannon, Dafydd expressed disgust about their plans to adopt, which highly annoyed them both.
  • In the same episode, Dafydd met an attractive lesbian and said she was far too good looking to be a lesbian stating that he thought lesbians were "just the ones who couldn't get boyfriends". This also annoyed Myfanwy and Rhiannon, the latter of whom promptly saying to Dafydd "Oh piss off you stupid little poof". He then remarked on her homophobia saying he would not tolerate it, only to turn round as he left and say "Dirty fat lezzers"
  • When Dafydd discovered that many of the people at 'The Scarecrow and Mrs King' were homosexual or bisexual following the aforementioned rugby match, he left the pub, stating his intentions to leave the village saying how disgusting he thought they were.
  • As mentioned earlier he deliberately sabotaged the opening of Myfawny's greek gay bar by not handing out many leaflets, despite walking past many gay people. This backfired, as one of the people he did hand a leaflet to actually turned out to be gay.
  • Dafydd voted Leave in the Brexit referendum to stop "gays coming over from Europe."

There have however been two occasions when Dafydd has expressed interest in other men:

  • When Dafydd went down to the local blacksmith to confront a man named Noel about buying a magazine that Dafydd usually always buys, he became attracted to the handsome, well-built man he believed to be Noel. This was, in fact, Noel's brother Rhys, and when Noel emerged, Dafydd found him much less appealing and promptly ran away.
  • In the first episode of Little Britain abroad, whilst 'promoting' Myfanwy's new bar, Dafydd struck up a conversation with a gay man and seemed to express some interest in homosexual activities. He still denied the man information concerning the bar, as he was not convinced that the man or any of the others he had met was gay.


With some people, Dafydd doesn't even realise that they are gay at all.

  • During Dafydd's gay quiz in Episode 1, he tested an "allegedly" homosexual man, by asking him what he believed to were questions only a gay man could answer. The first was who played Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ which both the man and Myfanwy got right (Judy Garland). Dafydd‘s next question was which character from a well-known British television programme (Are You Being Served) was gay. When everybody in the pub answered in unison that it was Mr Humphrey, Daffyd was surprised to learn that it was an entirely different character to the one he believed. He thought it was Captain Peacock (who wasn't gay).
  • When Dafydd's brother (Dewi) told Daffy that he was planning on coming out to his mother and father, Dafydd expressed confusion as to what he meant. Dewi then shed light on the fact that he too was homosexual, and in a relationship with Pedro. See Denial for further details on what happened.
  • On a similar note, Dafydd did not realise that Pedro was gay either.


With other homosexuals, Dafydd denies their being gay.

  • When a gay man moved into the village in Episode 1, Dafydd claimed that he was the gay and that the new guy was "probably just a bit poofy".
  • One of Dafydd's hairdressers said that a new colleague of hers was gay, which Dafydd denied. Upon meeting the man, he claimed that it was still "To early to tell" and when the pair saw him kissing another man, Dafydd claimed it was merely the mans brother.
  • When Dewi admitted to Dafydd that he was homosexual, Dafydd refused to accept it. He asked Dewi if he could be bisexual, which Dewi, Pedro and Myfanwy strongly denied.
  • The best example was when he walked along a beach in Mykonos full of gay men but claimed all of them were straight, despite two of these men kissing openly in public.

Not everything he preaches?[]

When looked at in context Dafydd's behavior, especially his homophobia, repeated insistence upon being the only gay person in the area (despite evidence to the contrary) and general attitude towards other homosexuals, suggests that he isn't actually gay at all. It is possible that Dafydd's homosexual claims stem from a persistent (bordering on narcissistic) need for attention and a strong desire to be treated/regarded as special.

Leaving Llandewi Breffi[]


In the last episode of Season 3, Dafydd decided to leave Llandewi Breffi, because of the perceived homophobia. Myfanwy took him to a train station to catch a train to London, after he sarcastically congratulated the pub for forcing him to leave the village, because of his homosexuality. When Myfanwy tells him that in London he could no longer be the only gay in the village, Dafydd pretends to have missed his train (even though another one would leave in 5 minutes), so he returns to the pub and asks for a Bacardi and Coke.

Ultimately however, Dafydd did in end up leaving the village. In Little Britain Abroad, he visited Myfanwy in Mykonos, Greece for a holiday, after she opened up a new bar. Unfortunately for her, he ended up ruining the opening night. Later, in Little Britain USA, Dafydd moved to the states in order to study at University. As such, it is not clear whether he ever returned to Llandewi Breffi.


  • "I'm the only gay in the village."
  • "I'll have another Bacardi and Coke please, Myfanwy."
  • "Oh it's so hard being the only gay in the village!"
  • "Oh Myfanwy, there just aren't any other gays round here!"