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|occup = Barmaid
|occup = Barmaid
|spouse = Rhiannon
|spouse = Rhiannon
|child = None (Myfanwy and Rhaiannon have been planning to adopt, much to Daffyd's disgust)
|child = None (Myfanwy and Rhiannon have been planning to adopt, much to Daffyd's disgust)
|sexuality = Homosexual
|sexuality = Homosexual
|first = [[Pilot Episode]]
|first = [[Pilot Episode]]
|actor = [[Ruth Jones]]

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Daffyd Thomas
Name Daffyd Thomas
Age 25
Gender Male
Country Llandewi Breffi, Wales (Mykonos in Abroad and USA in Little Britain USA)
Occupation Unemployed out gay man
Father Da
Mother Ma
Sibling Dewi
Episode(s) 1,2,3
Sexuality Homosexual
Birthplace Llandewi Breffi
First appearance Pilot Episode
Season 1, 2, 3
Played By Matt Lucas

Daffyd Thomas claims to be the only batty in his village despite meeting many homosexual people in the village. When he does meet a homosexual he is very homophobic towards that person which annoys his barmaid, Myfanwy, as it is later revealed she is a lesbian.

His age is said to be 25 (in Season 1) but a quote from him suggests he's reaching 40. ("I've known I was gay since I was 22!")


Name Myfanwy
Age 37
Gender Female
Country Llandewi Breffi, Wales
Occupation Barmaid
Spouse Rhiannon
Child None (Myfanwy and Rhiannon have been planning to adopt, much to Daffyd's disgust)
Sexuality Homosexual
Played By Ruth Jones
First appearance Pilot Episode

Myfanwy is the barmaid for 'The Scarecrow and Mrs King' . She encourages Daffyd to have more gay relationships and tells him off for his homophobic behavior. She is also homosexual and had a civil partnership with Rhiannon, which Daffyd said was 'disgusting'.

Marcus 'Vetch' Veitch

Marcus is a character that appeared in season 2 and again in season 3. He is a soldior in the British Army who when getting home leave, chooses to spend his time with Daffyd for "nights of batty fun." There are often letters sent to Daffyd from Marcus that tell of Marcus' love for Daffyd and how he thinks about Daffyd in "horrible and unimaginable ways."

Marcus claims to be the "only batty in the army" which appears to also be untrue, as he appears to consistently have a source of sexual relief from his army comrades.


Homosexuallity seems to run in the Thomas family, with many family members being homosexual including:

  • Daffyd's mother - Who according to Myfanwy had 'fanny fun' with Myfanwy's Aunt Ruth.
  • Daffyd's father
  • Daffyd's uncles
  • Daffyd's cousin
  • Daffyd's aunt
  • Daffyd's brother - Dewi, Daffyd's brother, is gay and is boyfriends with a Spanish man called Pedro.
  • Daffyd was also seen entering the local pub with a lost Spanish girl, who Daffyd describes as his girlfriend. It is also very clear that she does not speak a word of English considering that she looked very bored during last night's episode of Pobol y Cwm as Daffyd mentions.


Daffyd is fairly homophobic, despite being homosexual himself, and he also gets cross when people arn't homophobic towards him.

  • At Myfanwy's civil partnership with another woman, Daffyd expressed his disgust to Myfanwy, which highly annoyed her.
  • When Daffyd met an attractive lesbian he said "How come your a lesbian? Your far too pretty, I though you only became a lesbian if you couldn't get any boyfriends". This also annoyed Myfanwy.
  • When he discoverd that many of the people at 'The Scarecrow and Mrs King' were homosexual or bisexual he left the pub saying how disgusting he thought they were.
  • When Myfanwy organized a 'Gay Night' for Daffyd in the pub, gay men started pouring in the pub, only for Daffyd to chase them out with a bar stool shouting "get back you gay bastards!"

His homophobia may indicate that he isn't truely homosexual, but rather proclaiming he is purely for attention.

The Only Gay in the Village

Daffyd claims to be "The Only Gay in the Village", which is obviously untrue, as a way to garner attention for himself. He meets many gay people in and out the village but dosn't realize/think any of them are gay.


With some people, he dosn't even realize their gay at all.

  • Daffyd brother told Daffyd he was gay and he (Daffyd's brother) brought his boyfriend, Pedro, who was obviously very gay, after Myfanwy pointed out how his brother and Pedro was gay Daffyd, suprised, went "Pedro's gay too!"
  • In Daffyd's gay quiz, he tested someone on asking them which character from a television program was gay, after everyone answered the answer in unison, Daffyd explained how he thought it was a different character (who wasn't gay)


With other homosexuals in the village, he denies them being gay.

  • Daffyd's hairdresser claimed he was gay but Daffyd said he was "probably just a bit poofy"
  • When Daffyd's brother says he's gay Daffyd told him he was "probably bi-curious"

Leaving Llandewi Breffi


On the last episode of season 3 Daffyd Thomas desides to leave Llandewi Breffi because of the unexisting homophobia. Myfanwy took him to a train station to catch a train to London, just after sarcastically congratulating the pub for forcing him to leave the village because of his homosexuality. When Myfanwy tells him at London he could no longer be the only gay in the village, he pretends to have missed his train (even though another one woud leave in 5 minutes), so he returns to the pub and asks for a Bacardi and Coke.


  • "I'm the only gay in the village"
  • "I'll have another Bacardi and Coke please Myfanwy"
  • "Oh it's so hard being the only gay in the village"
  • "Oh Myfanwy there just aren't any other gays round here"
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