Dame Sally Markham is a character in Little Britain. She writes novels by dictating what she wants to write to her secretary, Miss Grace, who types it on her typewriter. However, her novels usually fall short of the required amount of pages, and to this, she usually tries to lengthen them in many ways, such as attempting to copy the entire Bible, copying words from the radio and making words longer ("Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" etc.). She also tried to make a 'The Lady in White' book, 'The Lady in Mauve' (Chapter 1: The End was the only chapter.)


Dame Sally Markham is quite plump and has curly blonde hair. She is usually seen wearing a pink sparkly dress, with her dog usually on her lap.


  • "Chapter 1: The End."
  • "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"
  • "How many pages?"
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