Name Derek
Age 36
Gender Male
Country Guildford, UK
Occupation Personal trainer
Season(s) 3
Played By N/A

Derek was a boyfriend of Marjorie Dawes in Season 3.

History[edit | edit source]

Derek was Marjorie's black boyfriend who Marjorie showed off to the group. As he is a personal trainer, he got the group to do some exercise. He partnered with Tania as she didn't have a partner in the excercise which made Marjorie jealous. Marjorie then got cross at Tania and dumped Derek ("Sca-reeeeeeeeeeeeeew you!"). After he left, she ran after him, shoes off, apologising tearfully, but he argued back "I'm not interested! You're nuts!" and left. She then returned, eyeshadow dripping down her face. He is never seen after this.

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