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Name FatFighters
Location UK
Associated Characters Marjorie Dawes
Blanche Chuckatuck
Spoof Of Weight Watchers
Owner(s) FatFighters

FatFighters is a weight loss gathering which takes place in both the UK and America. The UK one is hosted by Marjorie Dawes. The US version is also hosted by Marjorie Dawes. In Little Britain Abroad, FatFighters is hosted by Blanche (only one episode), played by David Walliams.

Marjorie Dawes[]

Marjorie Dawes is the FatFighters Support Group Leader for the FatFighters in New Malden. She is very harsh to the FatFighter Members, and is often racist and fatist towards them. She is racist to an Indian member, Meera, saying that she can't understand anything she says, although she can. She insults three other members, Pat and Tania.

Notable Members[]