Name Fred
Age 38
Gender Male
Country Old Haven, UK
Interests Being a lady
First Appearance Season 2, Episode 1
Related Characters Emily Howard
Season(s) 2, 3
Played By Matt Lucas

Florence Rose is a very unconvincing transvestite who is a friend of another transvestite, Emily Howard, who introduced Florence to becoming a transvestite. Florence is similar to Emily except for she is shorter, fatter and has a moustache. She is also much better at keeping her transvetite act up than Emily. One time, posing as "Baby Flo" in Emily's pram, their genders were pointed out by a small girl. Angry, Florence struggled free and stormed off. Emily, trying to cover, mused: "They grow up so quickly!"

Dropping the act[edit | edit source]

As mentioned above, Florence rarley drops the act, especially when Emily is around. She very occasionaly drops the act when Emily isn't around, for example, when they were playing tennis with two men, when Emily walked off Florence spoke to one of the men in a masculine voice.

Final Episode[edit | edit source]

On the Season 3 Finale Florence seemed to have given up his transvestite life, even in front of Emily when his wife, Maureen, caught him in her wedding dress and "hit the roof". He spoke to Emily, insiting that he was called Fred and explained how he wanted to stay normal. He was tempted back into becoming a transvestite when Emily showed him a new dress for him. It is unknown what happened from here as they haven't appeared in another Little Britain episode yet.

Catchphrases[edit | edit source]

  • "I too am a lady!"
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