Gary's nan
Name Gary's nan
Age 100 approx
Gender Female
Country UK
Occupation Retired
Sibling Whinnie
Child Maureen
Season(s) 1
Played By Evie Garratt

Gary's nan was the grandmother of Gary and his sister and the mother of their mum, Maureen. She was a kind old lady in her hundreds, since she claimed to have lived through two world wars, who usually visited the "day centre". She also loved Murray Mints. She was seen in Season One.

She was unaware of Jason's infatuation with her, even when he kissed her full on the mouth, even after he sucked her toes, she asked her grandson, "Is he a trained cheropodist?".

She was visited by Jason one time, then her sister shortly after, whom Jason fancied also. She offered Jason a sandwich, unaware of his thoughts.

In a deleted scene on Season Two DVD, she was seen having sex with Jason.

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