Harvey Pincher
Name Harvey Pincher
Age 25
Gender Male
Country Britain
Father Gerald
Mother Celia
Spouse Jane
Introduced In Season 2 Episode 1
Appears In Season 2, Little Britain USA
Voiced By David Walliams
Friendships With Jane

Harvey Pincher, is a character in Little Britain. In sketches, he will ask his Mum for breast milk (what he refers to as "bitty"). His mother refuses, but in the end, she gives him bitty.

Jane[edit | edit source]

Jane, was Harvey's spouse in Season 2. When she first meets Harvey's parents, she is shocked to find him breastfeeding. This later shocks her parents. When they got married, Harvey interrupted to have bity. In the end, she reluctantly said "I do". For an unknown reason, she dosen't appear in Little Britain USA.

Little Britain USA[edit | edit source]

Harvey, Gerald and Celia visit their relatives, who are also shocked that Harvey drinks bity. In the last episode, Celia here's them insulting them. They apologise to them, and see that Gerald is wiping Harvey's arse.

Catchphrases[edit | edit source]


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