Name Ivanka
Age 18
Gender Female
Country Russia
Occupation Mail-ordered bride/porn star
Season(s) 3
Played By Julia Davis

Ivanka (pronounced "Iwonka", by herself) was the bride of Dudley's brother in Little Britain Abroad.She is also a porn star featuring in "Snow White Does Seven Dwarfs" which is a porn movie.

Dudley and his wife Ting Tong Macadangdang visited them at their campsite, Dudley was instantly smitten with Ivanka upon sight, much to Ting Tong's disgust. She also flirted with him. But Ting Tong later exposed Ivanka to be a porn star with a sex film featuring Ivanka. Dudley's brother, horrified, instantly broke up with her.She also looks about 30 despite being 18.

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