Name Jason
Age 21
Gender Male
Country UK
Occupation Former friend of Gary
Season(s) 1
Played By David Walliams

Jason is a former best friend with Gary. He is seen in Season One, episode one. In the first episode, Gary takes him to his house, where his nan is visiting them. Jason didn't seem interested in Gary's sister who flirtaciously smiled at him, but was instantly smitten when he caught sight of "nan". Since that episode, Jason had been trying to hit on her and never let her out of his sight. He even walked her to the toilet and made a move on her in the process ("Oh, sorry, I thought that was your elbow!").

When he was invited over to nan's bungalow for lunch, he wiped her spilling and performed a Heimlich maneuver on her when she choked on some food, but doing so a little more than necessary.

One time, he and Gary visited her. He was pleased to hear that grandfather had died. He gave her a chaste kiss and when invited in, began to massage her feet. Gary returned with coffee, walking in on Jason sucking nan's toes. Furious, Gary ordered Jason to leave which he did, mouthing "Call me!" as he left.

Jason, however, didn't give up. He visited Gary's nan again with shopping. They were then visited by her much older sister, whom Jason found also attractive. He imagined the sisters kissing and when nan offered making him a sandwich, Jason, taking this the other way, looked skywards and mouthed "Thank you."

Jason was never seen again, but a deleted scene in the Season Two DVD shows a sketch of Jason having sex with Gary's nan. Gary, his mum, and his sister then walk in on them and are horrified much to their dismay.

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