Linda Flint
Name Linda Flint
Gender Female
Occupation University Counsellor
First Appearance Season 2, Episode 2
 actor = David Walliams
Related Characters Martin
Season(s) 2, 3

Bubbles DeVere is an obese, bald woman who despite being so ugly, thinks she is attactive. She often strips for various people, such as the manager of the spa she is staying at, Mr. Hutton. She has overstayed her stay at the spa and owes the spa money, which cause Mr. Hutton to try and get the money, but to try and put his mind of it, Bubbles show him her 'attractive' body. In Season 3, her ex-husband (Roman DeVere) and his new girlfriend, Desiree DeVere (who is the black counterpart of Bubbles), come to the spa, which causes lots of annoynce between Bubbles and Desiree which then causes lots of fights, with both of them naked.

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