A list of episodes in the BBC television comedy series Little Britain.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

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Series Episodes Originally broadcast DVD Vol. DVD release date (R1) DVD release date (R2)
1 8 2003 1 August 16, 2005 October 11, 2004
2 6 2004 2 May 23, 2006 October 10, 2005
3 6 2005 3 November 14, 2006 September 11, 2005
Specials 5 2006

Pilot[edit | edit source]

Title Original airdate Production code # Special Total Overall Total
"Little Britain (pilot)" February 9, 2003 ENTB005H 1 1 1

Directed by Graham Linehan.

  1. Vicky Pollard is in court for shoplifting.
  2. Ray McCooney tells some people how to make his soup.
  3. Latymer soothes a patient. (Part 1)
  4. Emily Howard goes to the swimming pool.
  5. Mr Mann visits Roy's 'Toys Shop'.
  6. The Prime Minister holds a press conference.
  7. Latymer continues to soothe the patient. (Part 2)
  8. Marjorie Dawes introduces a new FatFighters member.
  9. Sebastian spends time with the Prime Minister.
  10. Dennis Waterman is asked to be in Lucky Runnings.
  11. Jason is introduced to Gary's nan.
  12. Latymer finishes soothing his patient. (Part 3)
  13. Daffyd Thomas is introduced to another gay in the village.
  14. Ian and Ian attempt the Domino world record.

Series 1: 2003[edit | edit source]

Title Original airdate Production code # Episode Total Overall Total
"Episode 1" September 16, 2003 ENTB121P 1 1 2
  1. Vicky Pollard is in trouble with her teacher.
  2. Sebastian Love is jealous of another MP.
  3. Emily Howard visits a pub and finds an admirer.
  4. For Andy's birthday, Lou takes him to the opera.
  5. At Kelsey Grammar School, the teacher tells the pupils to read Dickens.
  6. Jason meets Gary's grandmother and falls in love.
  7. The pianist wonders if he's still got the plastic bag he brought with him.
  8. Kenny Craig goes on a date.
  9. Jeremy Rent has a part in Macbeth for Dennis Waterman.
  10. Marjorie Dawes- Cravings.
  11. Ray McCooney - tells people how to make his soup.
  12. Lou and Andy-At the swimming pool.
  13. Daffyd Thomas- Another gay in the village.
  14. Vicky Pollard has done her essay but the teacher is not happy with it.
  15. Two minstrels listen to an anti-minstrel politician.
  16. Ian and Ian- Most Beans in a bath.
"Episode 2" September 23, 2003 ENTB122J 2 2 3
  1. Daffyd Thomas- Missing Gay Times.
  2. Lou & Andy -Dinner Wearing Smurf Outfit.
  3. Vicky Pollard is accused of pushing a young girl into a swimming pool.
  4. At Kelsey Grammar School- Test (Part 1)
  5. Dr Lawrence is in his office informing an inspector how the Steven Spielberg Phychiatric Hospital is run and Anne begins to steal his things.
  6. Sebastian and the Prime Minister- The opinion polls
  7. Dr Lawrence shows the inspector the gardens and Anne attempts to do some gardening.
  8. Back at Kelsey Grammar School, the test continues(Part 2)
  9. Lou builds something for Andy to do toilet while Lou isn't there.
  10. Dame Sally Markham finishes 'The Lady in White' and starts "The Lady in Mauve"
  11. David Soul is asked to visit a sick child in hospital.
  12. Marjorie Dawes defends Fat Fighters against an 'anonymous' tip off that the whole thing is just a scam and invites Cliff Roberts.
  13. Dr. Lawrence continues his tour in the canteen where Anne makes a mess.
  14. Jason is invited over to Gary's for Sunday lunch.
  15. At Kelsey Grammar School The test comes to an end (Part 3)
  16. Clive and his wife Liz go to a restaurant where Liz brags on about a past fame.
  17. Les McKeown performs some songs for the sick child and her parents.
  18. A Retired Policeman gives a young lad a driving lesson.
  19. Ian and Ian- World's Tallest Man
"Episode 3" September 30, 2003 ENTB123D 3 3 4
  1. The Prime Minister and Sebastian skim through the newspapers.
  2. Vicky Pollard tries to buy alcohol in a pub.
  3. Lou buys Andy a cone without ice cream.
  4. Mr Cleaves introduces a new student at Kelsey Grammar School.
  5. Kenny Craig plays Scrabble with his mother
  6. Two minstrels try to rent a room.
  7. The FatFighters divide food that is high in fat from food that is low in fat.
  8. Mr Cleaves introduces another new student at Kelsey Grammar School.
  9. A pianist wonders what time Sainsburys shuts that night.
  10. Daffyd Thomas complains that the village has nothing for gays.
  11. Lou and Andy go to the video shop.
  12. Emily Howard tries to rent a room.
  13. Bernard Chumley receives a visit from a young actor
  14. Ray McCooney is visited by a reviewer.
  15. Mr Cleaves introduces yet another new student at Kelsey Grammar School.
  16. Dame Sally Markham tries to stretch syllables.
  17. Denver Mills is going to give a talk about lepra.
  18. Ian and Ian- Hard boiled egg eating world record.
"Episode 4" October 7, 2003 ENTB124X 4 4 5
  1. Daffyd Thomas has a new hairdresser, who is also gay.
  2. Emily Howard gets an X ray taken.
  3. Andy Pipkin refuses to go to the toilet at the pub.
  4. Anne takes up a Saturday job as a librarian
  5. Vicky Pollard is in court for shoplifting.
  6. Matthew Waterhouse- “-agrams”
  7. Mr Cleaves want his students to do impossible calculations.
  8. Sandra Patterson enters her son Ralph into an audition for a commercial.
  9. Anne helps Dr Lawrence at the library
  10. Marjorie Dawes wants her mother go be taken into a ‘home’.
  11. Des Kaye treats a costumer in a weird way.
  12. Anne throws her loan down the drain.
  13. Royal correspondent Peter Andre is sacked from the BBC.
  14. Andy wants a chocolate.
  15. A man has a heart attack at the opera.
  16. Ray McCooney serves afternoon tea to tourists.
  17. Dame Sally Markham wants Miss Grace to copy from an already written book.
  18. Dennis Waterman congratulates Jeremy Rent on his birthday.
  19. Liz annoys other customers with her stories about having been Mollie Sugden's bridesmaid.
  20. Ian and Ian- World record on smoking.
"Episode 5" October 14, 2003 ENTB125R 5 5 6
  1. Vicky Pollard is summoned to the principal’s office
  2. Andy and Lou visit the Pet Shop.
  3. The Prime Minister gives a press conference after the resignation of a member of his cabinet
  4. Meera is absent at FatFighters, because she is undergoing a liposuction treatment.
  5. Edward explains Samantha how much he loves her by using a blackboard
  6. A young pupil gets informed by a robot how realistic his career opportunities are.
  7. Lou takes Andy to the library.
  8. Edward and Samantha plan to spend the night together.
  9. Bernard Chumbley gets a visit from Meals on Wheels.
  10. Peter Andre is denied access to the royal party.
  11. Kenny Craig hypnotizes a man in order to get him to buy some of his possessions from a car boot sale.
  12. Matthew Waterhouse has some ideas for a West End musical
  13. Daffyd Thomas visits the sex clinic for a test.
  14. Denver Mills prepares for a speech at a state school.
  15. Lou and Andy visit Maria in hospital.
  16. Eilene comforts her bereaved sister Janet.
  17. Des Kaye introduces himself to a new employee.
  18. Ian and Ian- World record on the biggest house of cards.

"Episode 6" October 21, 2003 ENTB126K 6 6 7
  1. The Prime Minister receives the chancellor.
  2. Dennis Waterman is offered a part in a new series of Minder.
  3. Vicky Pollard goes to the doctor.
  4. Denver Mills makes an after-dinner speech to policemen.
  5. Andy and Lou buy a birthday card for Andy’s brother.
  6. Marjorie Dawes- At the supermarket.
  7. Ray McCooney’s television gets fixed.
  8. Anne visits Dr Lawrence's home for the weekend.
  9. Des Kaye meets up with Dicky Bubble.
  10. Andy wants Lou to take him on holiday to Helsinki.
  11. Mr Cleaves makes some announcements
  12. Sandra and Ralph go to the offices of the Royal Shakespeare Company.
  13. Anne joins Lawrence’s family for lunch
  14. The pianist forgot to set the video for Room 101
  15. Dame Sally Markham is writing another book which includes the Bible in full.
  16. Matthew Waterhouse visits a cereal company.
  17. Lou and Andy are getting ready for Maria's funeral.
  18. Whitelaw visits a the charity shop.
  19. Anne throws a guinea pig out of the window
  20. Emily meets a man from her past at the seafront
  21. Ian and Ian have lost the subject of a world record attempt.
"Episode 7" October 28, 2003 ENTB127E 7 7 8
  1. Vicky Pollard is visited by a social worker.
  2. Mr Mann desires to buy a pirate memory game.
  3. Marjorie Dawes asks the Fat Fighters to imagine themselves naked.
  4. Lou paints Andy’s room red.
  5. Len Boothe gives a tour around the village of Pove.
  6. Myfanwy and Daffyd have organized a gay night at the local pub.
  7. Edward talks about Samantha with her parents.
  8. Bernard Chumley reports the death of his sister Kitty.
  9. Matthew Waterhouse has a few ideas for new board games.
  10. Mr Cleaves introduces himself to his students.
  11. Edward and Samantha have dinner with Samantha’s parents.
  12. Sandra makes Ralph do audition for Bugsy Malone.
  13. Sebastian wants to stay in the Prime Minister’s hotel room.
  14. Lou has bought Andy a new wheelchair.
  15. Margaret might have found a pirate memory game.
  16. Jason is left alone with Gary’s grandmother.
  17. Edward informs Samantha of his upcoming absency.
  18. Ian and Ian- Largest mince pie
"Episode 8" November 04, 2003 ENTB128Y 8 8 9
  1. Emily Howard helps fixing an icecream van.
  2. Myfanwy goes on a date.
  3. Boris is babysitter.
  4. Vicky Pollard gives a speech at her old school.
  5. Andy and Lou make a bonfire.
  6. Boris’ babysitting session comes to a close.
  7. Mr Cleaves returns the work after a disastrous test.
  8. Ray McCooney is visited by tax inspectors.
  9. Dame Sally Markham writes a book with the help of the radio.
  10. Fat Fighters is checked by someone from the headquarters.
  11. The pianist receives a text message on his phone.
  12. Gary’s grandmother is visited by Jason.
  13. Liz and Clive meet Mollie Sugden.
  14. The Prime Minister meets with his Italian colleague.
  15. Andy shoplifts.
  16. Ian and Ian- Most people in a mini

Series 2: 2004[edit | edit source]

Title Original airdate Production code # Episode Total Overall Total
"Episode 1" October 19, 2004 ENTB231H 1 9 10

1. Vicky Pollard - Stealing from the supermarket.
2. Emily Howard - Emily and Florence take a trip to a café.
3. Bubbles DeVere - Avoids Paying Charges at Hill Grange Health Spa.
4. Lou and Andy - Andy stars on The Price Is Right.
5. Maggie and Judy - Judging the Jams at the fête.
6. Daffyd Thomas - Daffyd comes out, to his parents.
7. Marjorie Dawes - Q&A with Vanessa Feltz at Fat Fighters.
8. Carol Beer - Computer Says No.
9. Harvey Pincher - Bitty [Fowler is cool].
10. Mr Mann - Looking to meet a woman.
11. Sebastien and Michael - The Opposition arrives for a chat.
12. Maggie and Judy - Enjoying a fairy cake and a cup of tea.
13. Lou and Andy - They visit the pond to feed the ducks, Andy has trouble with the youths.

"Episode 2" October 26, 2004 ENTB232B 2 10 11

1. Emily and Florence buying a wedding dress
2. Prime Minister talking to USA President
3. Bubbles DeVere tries to avoid paying the bill at the Spa by hiding in the solarium
4. Lou meets Andy's girlfriend
5. Linda Flint - Big Fat Lesbian
6. Anne working in a bowling alley
7. Pat and Paul of the Fat Fighters announce they have been seeing each other
8. Daffyd sells his stuff on a fair
9. Linda Flint - Ching Chong Chinaman
10. Harvey Pincher is breast-fed in a restaurant
11. A child wishes to open a bank account at Carol Beer's
12. Vicky Pollard is roller skating
13. Dennis Waterman at his agent
14. Linda Flint - Oompa Loompa
15. Mr. Mann wishes to rent a video
16. Maggie and Judy eating a cake
17. Lou and Andy get lost, Andy escapes on a horse

"Episode 3" November 2, 2004 ENTB233W 3 11 12

1. Vicky Pollard smokes in a bus
2. Lou and Andy go ice-skating
3. Robbery in a jewellery shop
4. Mr. T's lookalike in a gym
5. Emily and Florence taking a walk, Emily playing football with children
6. Meera of the Fat Fighters wins a lottery
7. Prime Minister meets an old friend (played by Jamie Theakston), Sebastian is very jealous
8. Kenny Craig tries to hypnotize his mother
9. Anne is feeding the ducks
10. Mr Mann wishes to buy a birthday card
11. Two policemen tell the wrong lady that her husband is dead (part 1)
12. Dennis Waterman is offered a job
13. Two policemen tell the lady her husband is dead (part 2)
14. Daffyds brother comes out to him
15. Andy moves a car with his hands

"Episode 4" November 9, 2004 ENTB234P 4 12 13

1. Vicky Pollard pretends to be an eyewitness of a robbery
2. Judy and Maggie at the Annual Carol Service
3. A man in a shop with curious shop assistant
4. A man in a restaurant (part 1)
5. Emily and Florence go to the ballet
6. Andy goes to the church dressed as baby Jesus
7. Anne stars in a stageplay
8. Marjorie takes the Fat Fighters for a meal into a restaurant
9. Daffyd establishes a gay, lesbian & bisexual section in the local library
10. A man in a restaurant (part 2)
11. Prime Minister and his wife wish to announce her pregnancy
12. A young couple at Carol Beer's
13. Harvey Pincher and his fiancee meet their wedding caterer
14. Kenny Craig bumps into a car on a parking lot
15. A man in a restaurant (part 3)
16. Mr. Mann is looking for a book
17. Bubbles DeVere brings a check to the manager of the Spa
18. Andy climbs up on a tree

"Episode 5" November 16, 2004 ENTB235J 5 13 14

1. Lou and Andy go bowling
2. Vicky Pollard is trying to skip the queue to go backstage
3. Emily and Florence play tennis in mixed doubles
4. A lady at the psychiatrist's (part 1)
5. Marjorie launches a range of low fat puddings
6. A lady treats construction workers like dogs
7. A lady at the police station
8. Prime Minister has a TV interview
9. A man at the psychiatrist's (part 2)
10. Kenny Craig and his girlfriend wake up after a night spent together
11. A man in a restaurant
12. Drug rehab center
13. Anne shows the doctor her drawings
14. Dennis Waterman is offered a job
15. Carol Beer is invited to go out with her co-workers
16. Myfanwy gets married with her girlfriend, what shocks Daffyd
17. Lou and Andy go to France

"Episode 6" November 23, 2004 ENTB236D 6 14 15

1. Andy meets a girl in a wheelchair and pushes her downhill
2. Vicky Pollard is hanging out with her boyfriend
3. 2 girlfriends in a restaurant, talking about men (part 1)
4. A new priest from USA arrives to a church
5. Pat and Paul bring some food to the Fat Fighters club
6. Kenny Craig performing (part 1)
7. Daffyd and the Gay Rugby League
8. The end of Kenny Craig's performance (part 2)
9. 2 girlfriends in a restaurant, talking about men (part 2)
10. Harvey Pincher and his fiancee get married
11. Dennis Waterman is offered to play in Star Wars
12. Bubbles DeVere is hitting on a man
13. Mr. Mann wishes to buy a record
14. 2 girlfriends in a restaurant, talking about men (part 3)
15. Maggie and Judy at 'Bring and Buy' sale
16. Prime Minister and Sebastian dancing together on a Christmas party
17. Andy jumps into the sea while Lou is buying him ice cream

Behind the Scenes Special[edit | edit source]

Title Original airdate Production code # Special Total Overall Total
"Making Little Britain Too" December 22, 2004 2 1 16
A behind the scenes look at Little Britain.

Comic Relief Special[edit | edit source]

Title Original airdate Production code # Special Total Overall Total
"Little, Little Britain" March 11, 2005 3 2 17
Daffyd interviews Elton John. Lou asks George Michael to come to Andy's birthday party. Emily gets Robbie Williams to come to her ladies shop. Vicky meets Trisha Goddard on her show.

Series 3: 2005[edit | edit source]

Title Original airdate Production code # Episode Total Overall Total
"Episode 1" November 17, 2005 ENTB311B 1 15 18

1. Bubbles & Desiree - Breakfast 2. Lou and Andy - Aquarium 3. Dudley and Ting Tong - Ting Tong arrives 4. Vicky Pollard - Dance off 5. Mrs Emery - Supermarket / jumble sale 6. Emily and Florance - Facial hair problem 7. Sir Norman Fry - Drive in Kings Cross 8. Carol - Flight to Toronto with vegetarian meal 9. Daffyd - Rent boy 10. Anne on Stars in their Eyes (Cat Deeley guest stars) 11. Linda - BALDY! 12. Marjorie - Spray tan 13. Sebastian and Michael - Arms to Iran 14. Lou and Andy - Air Show

"Episode 2" November 24, 2005 ENTB312W 2 16 19

1. Lou and Andy - You say we pay 2. Mrs Emery - Post office 3. Vicky Pollard - Chat line 4. Dudley and Ting Tong - Lady boy 5. Bubbles & Desiree - Steam room 6. Linda - Magnum PI 7. Marjorie - Derek the fitness trainer 8. Leonard - Cup of tea 9. Daffyd - Girlfriend 10. Mr Mann - Roy's Painting Shop 11. Pat and Don - King Prawn Vindaloo 12. Judy and Maggie - New kidney 13. Sebastian and Michael - Prime Minister's questions 14. Lou and Andy - Thames Cruise

"Episode 3" December 1, 2005 ENTB313P 3 17 20

1. Vicky Pollard - PR agent's office 2. Lou and Andy - breast enlargement 3. Anne - Pianist 4. Carol - Travel agent - Golden wedding anniversary cruise 5. Dudley and Ting Tong - Trivial Pursuit 6. Sir Norman Fry - Toilet on Hamstead Heath 7. Marjorie Dawes - Charlie Slater (Derek Martin guest stars) 8. Lette - Birthday present 9. Bubbles & Desiree - Massage 10. Orville - supermarket 11. Pat and Don - Jalfrezi 12. Sebastian and Michael - Affair scandal 13. Alan, Donkey Hospice Collector - old couple 14. Maggie and Judy - Parish newsletter 15. Lou and Andy - Missing Dogtanian

"Episode 4" December 8, 2005 ENTB314J 4 18 21

1. Mrs Emery - Library 2. Emily and Florence - Stag party 3. Dudley and Ting Tong - Mother 4. Bubbles & Desiree - Steam room/supermarket 5. Warren (Dying Man) 6. Carol - Travel agent - Priest, film island 7. Marjorie Dawes - Baby 8. Sid Pegg - Gypsies 9. Daffyd - Election 10. Linda - "Ali Bongo" (Hindu) 11. Mr Mann - Problem feet magazine 12. Sebastian and Michael - Moustache 13. Maggie and Judy - Dogs 14. Lou and Andy - Frisbee

"Episode 5" December 15, 2005 ENTB315D 5 19 22

1. Lou & Andy - Making patio 2. Carol - Travel agent - Insurance 3. Vicky Pollard - Babysiting 4. Linda - Molly the Mole 5. Sir Norman Fry - Sobomites dating website 6. Marjorie - Demotivators slideshow 7. Vicky Pollard - Babysitting - Return of parents 8. Ashraf (Horse Whisperer) - Computer shop 9. Daffyd - Get job! 10. Sid Pegg - Self defence 11. Mr Mann - Fancy dress shop 12. Lou and Andy - Rugby match 13. Sebastian and Michael - Arab-Israeli treaty 14. Emily and Florance - Baby in pram

"Episode 6" December 24, 2005 ENTB316X 6 20 23

1. Vicky Pollard - Lottery win 2. Bubbles & Desiree - Acupuncture 3. Carol - Computer says yes 4. Lou & Andy - Mrs Mead 5. Emily and Florence - Fred 6. Linda - Fatty fatty boom boom 7. Andy & Mrs Mead - Cleaning 8. Mrs Emery - Doctor's appointment 9. Marjorie Dawes - Sorry 10. Linda - Cast of Fraggle Rock 11. Leonard - Dinner 12. Andy & Mrs Mead - Dinner 13. Daffyd - London 14. Anne - Christmas decorations 15. Dudley and Ting Tong - Thai restaurant 16. Sebastian - PM resignation 17. Andy & Mrs Mead - Out for a walk 18. Lou & Andy (post credits) - Lou returns

Christmas Specials[edit | edit source]

Title Original airdate Production code # Special Total Overall Total
"Little Britain Abroad (1)" December 25, 2006 4 3 24
Lou gets tickets to take Andy to Florida Disneyworld. Whilst on the plane they are invited into the cockpit by the pilot... Marjorie Dawes takes her Fat Fighters to America where a police officer is offended by her racist antics... Bubbles visits Ronnie Corbett in Monte Carlo. Daffyd visits a gay resort in Mykonos where he meets Myfannwy who has set up a gay bar. Vicki is being held in a Thai jail on drug smuggling charges.
"Little Britain Abroad (2)" December 31, 2006 5 4 25
Vicky Pollard's mum (played by Dawn French) goes to Thailand to help her daughter. Andy and Lou are trapped on a desert island. Bubbles tries on a dress which is at least 10 sizes too small for her. Anne visits the Pope. An American Fat Fighters worker comes to Marjorie's branch in England. Ting Tong and Dudley go on their honeymoon to a caravan site where Dudley's brother (played by Peter Kay) lives. The Prime Minister has a 'special relationship' with the American President.


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