Lou Todd
Name Lou Todd
Age 46
Gender Male
Country UK
Occupation Carer
Works For Andy
First appearance Season 1, Episode 1
Season 1, 2, 3
Played By David Walliams
Friendships with Andy Pipkin, Anya (formerly), Mrs. Mead (possibly)
Conflicts with Mean Bullies, Anya

Louis Bob Todd is a man who spends his whole life looking after his friend, Andy Pipkin, who is in a wheelchair. What Lou doesn't know, is that Andy isn't really disabled and does not need a wheelchair. Behind Lou's back (usually it really is just behind Lou's back) he does adventurous things, such as climbing a pylon, tipping over a car or climbing over an electric wire.



Lou has a fairly old-fashioned dress sense which is stuck in the 1980's. He is usually wearing blue tracksuit trousers, trainers and a T-shirt with different slogans on (e.g 'I Ran the World) and a 70's leather jacket. He normally speaks with a lisp.

Attitude with AndyEdit

Despite Andy being so annoying for Lou, Lou keeps friendly towards him although often reflecting on Andy's previous things saying it was "a bit of a kerfuffle!". When Andy says he wants something, which he has usually previously said he didn't like, which results in Lou telling quoting Andy in what he previously said about that thing he has just chosen.


"What a kerfuffle!"

"Are you sure you want this/that one?"

"But I thought you said [something Andy said about something he didn't like]"

"I did warn/tell you!"

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