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Margaret Blackamoor
Name Margaret Blackamoor
Age 68
Gender Female
Country United Kingdom
Occupation Food judge
Works For Local Conservative Association

British Women's Institute

Episode(s) Series 2-3
Sexuality Lesbian
Introduced In Series 2
Appears In Series 2-3
Played By David Walliams
Friendships With Judy Pike

Maggie Blackamoor is a member of the British Women's Institute (this caused The Women's Institute to complain). She is racist, homophobic and other offensive things which is shown from when she eats food. When she eats any food made by a homosexual, someone who isn't white or anything else which is considered different to Maggie she vomits over the nearest person. She can be at times a antagonist. Maggie is considered a gross character, because one time, she puked in her tea and then drunk it. Maggie died in Little Brexit when Judy unplugged her life support after Maggie found out she received a heart transplant from a Remainer.



  • Black people
  • Asians
  • Foreigners
  • Homeless people
  • White women who marry black men.
  • Homosexuals
  • Foreign dog breeds
  • Remainers
  • Jeff Daniels
  • Jim Carrey


  • Christianity
  • Conservatism
  • Fascism
  • Brexit

Judy Pike[]

Judy Pike is Maggie's best friend who is often the victim of her vomiting. She tries her best to stop her puking although she is usually the one who tells Maggie who made the food (which is what provokes Maggie to vomit).

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What has caused Maggie to violently vomit[]

  • Plum jam made by Emma Shepherd, a woman who ran off with a schoolmistress.
  • Raspberry jam made by Sarah Tennant, who is married to a black man.
  • Marmalade made by Sanjana Patel, indicatively an Indian person.
  • Fairy cakes made by people in the homeless shelter.
  • Vol au vents made by Judy (with a recipe by Ainsley Harriott).
  • Mince pies made by the choir master and his partner, Stevenetta.
  • Gingerbread men made by an Indian child named Anisha.
  • Scones made by Baloo, an old black woman.
  • After receiving a kidney transplant and finding out that the donor was named Bannerjee, she vomited all over every other patient in the hospital before coughing up her new kidney.
  • When she visited Judy, she met her daughter's boyfriend James, a black man. What caused her to vomit was fruitcake, made by James' mother (as she would also be black).
  • When she met her friend Marian and her dog, she stroked it before finding out it was a Shih Tzu (a Chinese breed), which caused her dog to vomit.
  • Scones made by members of a homeless shelter.
  • Victoria sponge baked by Endira Patel, likely Indian.
  • Finding out she was a lesbian in Little Britain Abroad.
  • Meeting the new vicar whose name was Abebeyatonga
  • Discovering she received an emergency heart transplant from a Remainer in Little Brexit.