Name Michael
Age 56
Gender Male
Country UK
Occupation Prime Minister of Britain
Season(s) 1, 2, 3
Played By Anthony Head
Friendships With Sebastian Love, Gregory, The Chancellor of the Exchequer
Conflicts With The Chancellor of the Exchequer (formerly)

The Prime Minister (or Michael) was the PM of Britain. He was unaware of his assistant, Sebastian Love's infatuation with him. He was bemused by Sebastian's feelings, even when Sebastian kissed him at a party.

Despite having a wife, the Prime Minister claimed to another assistant, "Gregory" that he loved him. Gregory replied the same, and they briefly shared a kiss.

In Little Britain Abroad, the Prime Minister visited the President of the United States. Sebastian was suspicious about the PM's and President's "relationship" and kept trying to walk in on them to prove himself right, but believed them to be normal. But, when the meeting finished, the Prime Minsister had cum on his jacket, so he would've sucked the President's cock. The President blew a kiss to the Prime Minister as he left. The Prime Minister responded by licking his lips.

There have been comparisons drawn between Michael and Tony Blair, as in Episode 3 Sebastian - reading from the opinion polls - comments on the country's approval of "[his] handling of Northern Ireland". In Episode 7, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, a plump character with a clear Scottish accent, is introduced - a parrallel to Gordon Brown. In Series 3 Episode 2 when the Prime Minister is scorned in PMQs by the Leader of the Opposition for his aging appearance. Again in the final episode where the Prime Minister resigns as the Chancellor claims "the time has come... we had a deal...".

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