Mr. Cleaves
Name Mr. Cleaves
Age 57
Gender Male
Country England, UK
Occupation School Teacher
Related Places Kelsey Grammar School
Season 1
Played By Matt Lucas

Mr. Cleaves is a school teacher at the fictional school 'Kelsey Grammar School' . He is known for being a strict teacher who is very hypocritical, especially towards his students. He is one of the main antagonists in the first series. 

Things he's doneEdit

  • Demanding silence of his pupils during examinations while he would play the saxophone, vacuum, or set off fireworks.
  • Asking students to read parts of novels aloud and, after a few words, cutting in and asking someone else (or a group of students) to read.
  • Asking students to read with a Scottish brogue or "in the style of the Elephant Man.
  • Playing the videotape of the book the class is reading when he himself proves unable to read with any fluency.
  • Handing back tests on subjects such as popular British snackfoods and their properties, by throwing them ferociously across the classroom, and even to a student who is in hospital. "Smoky Beckham" was One.

Kelsey Grammar School's RobotEdit

One of the sketches centred around the school features a careers adviser robot as apposed to Mr Cleaves. The boy who he was advising says he wants to go into catering, but the robot told him their would be no jobs for humans in the future, robots would have all jobs. Then he prints out a booklet about robots and gives it to the boy. Then the boy leaves and the robot states "I am a robot".

Appearences Edit

Unlike most other sketches, Mr Cleaves and the Kelsey Grammar School in general only appeared in the first series, and was never seen in the second and third series. Despite this, the school and Mr Cleaves where one of the 'most seen' in the first series, although most sketches were very short being less than a minute long, usually around 30 seconds; this meant 2-3 sketches in each episode was common. 

Strangely, the sketch of Mr Cleaves 'introducing' himself to the class as a Biology teacher (even though he writes Mr Wells, French on the chalkboard) is seen well into the first series in episode 7, even though we see him and the class in every episode before that. 

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