Mrs. Macadangdang
Name Mrs. Macadangdang
Age 69
Gender Female
Country Thailand
Occupation Unknown
Child Ting Tong and Thai Son
Introduced In Series 3
Appears In Series 3
Birthplace Tu Ting
Season(s) 3
Played By N/A

Mrs. Macadangdang was the mother of Ting Tong. She appeared in an episode of Series 3.

Dudley Punt arrived to his flat, when he couldn't help noticing "an elderly Thai lady in the cupboard." Ting Tong begged Dudley to let her stay, insisting that her mother would be dead soon anyway. Mrs. Macadangdang pleaded too (in Thai), and they both hugged Dudley around the waist and begged him, persuading him into letting her stay.

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