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Mrs. Mead
Name Mrs. Mead
Age 54 - 63
Gender Female
Country UK
Occupation Temporary caretaker

for Andy Pipkin

Season(s) 3
Played By Imelda Staunton
Friendships With Lou Todd (possibly)
Conflicts With Andy Pipkin

Mrs. Mead was the temporary replacement of Lou Todd at the end of Season 3, as he visited the Isle of Wight to sort out his mother's funeral arrangements. She was a very strict and religious Irish woman who forced Andy not to watch television (especially Des and Mel), to eat "healthy" foods (specifically a disgusting-looking stew and a pear for his "pudding") and clean items as well. She even sung religious songs off-key which caused Andy's ears to hurt, according to him.

She was skeptical about the stories of Andy being disabled, to check if she was right, she hit him three times on the leg with a candlestick-holder getting harder each time. Andy managed to stay unfazed each time. He waited until she was out of earshot and gave, "Ow. OW. OWWWW!!!!!!"

Mrs. Mead took him on a walk along the cliffs at Beachy Head, sternly telling him about her future plans: Andy does the cooking and cleaning, the TV staying off, no more chocolate or crisps, and taking him to the Job Centre the following morning. Finally tired of her abusive treatment, Andy got up and shoved her off the cliff, and she plunged with a barely audible scream.

Her fate is unknown, but since she isn't seen for the rest of the episode, it is likely that Mrs. Mead perished due to the fall but it is unknown. Although her intents were for the best, she took it too far and made it like she is going to live with Andy forever, and knew Lou was to return the following day. She could be considered the main and final antagonist in season 3.