Pat Jones
Name Pat Jones
Age 39
Gender Female
Country UK
Occupation FatFighters Member
Spouse Paul
Child Pat's son
Season 1, 2, 3
Played By Joann Condon

Joe wellerPat Jones (née Johnson) is a member of FatFighters. She is the main target for Marjorie Dawes's fatist insults, such as "Fat Pat".

Character Edit

Pat is probably the most verbally abused member of Fat Fighters, insults always coming to her for her extreme weight that does in fact topple most, if not all other members. Even though considered to have a beautiful face ("In the middle there" according to Marjorie) her self-esteem is constantly being shattered as Marjorie claims that the one person she's seen fatter than Pat was Barbapapa.

Marjorie also asked Pat if they rolled her down the aisle when she got married. Pat irritatedly snapped that she walked, Marjorie replied: "Brave."

She also suggested naming Pat's expected baby "Jabba" instead of "Michael" or "John" as the others suggested.

In the Series 3 Finale, Marjorie drew Pat as a pig with hair. Finally sick of all this, Pat quit. Marjorie promised to apologise for what occured, "Pat, I am very ... sorry ... THAT YOU'RE SO FAT!!!" This, of course, pushed Pat even more and she, along with the rest of the members, quit FatFighters, leaving a surprised Marjorie alone in the room.

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