Pat and Don (David Walliams and Matt Lucas) are a married couple from 'Upper Gonad' who frequently dine at their local Indian restaurant, while Pat usually goes for a dish that Don looks at disparagingly (i.e. Biryani, Bhaji etc.), Don orders a dish that he knows he can't handle (Pat even hints that Don doesn't like spicy food) but makes out to the waiter that he can easily. When their food comes, Pat always says "hmm, mine's lovely. hows yours?", Don will signal that he likes it, but soon becomes overwhelmed in a matter of seconds by the spice in what he has ordered, then he will begin to blurt out various TV impersonations and theme tune interpretations, as a supposed reaction to the spiciness of his food, afterwards he will calmly drink some water and say "it's not spicy at all".

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