The pilot episode of Little Britain premiered on Feburary 9th, 2003. It was directed by Graham Linehan and written by Matt Lucas and David Walliams. All skits (apart from the Domino world record, Latymer, and the Fat Fighters new member sketch) are shown in various episodes in Season 1.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Ray McCooney looks very different.
  • Instead of taking place in Ye Olde Hotele, the soup skit takes place in the "Aberdoon Stook House", as said in McCooney's words.
  • Latymer is never shown in any of the seasons.
  • The FatFighters young member sketch is a deleted scene.
  • This is the episode that has least skits.
  • Myfanwy the barmaid is played by a different actress. Ruth Jones wasn't cast until the show started properly.
  • Marjorie's FatFighters meeting is held in the home of one of her members. Not the usual place that we see from the next episode onwards.
  • Lou and Andy Does Not Appeared in this Episode.
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