Roman DeVere
Name Roman DeVere
Age 36
Gender Male
Country UK
Occupation Unknown
Season(s) 3
Played By Rob Brydon

Roman Devere is the ex-husband of Bubbles deVere and the husband of Desiree , who seems to be the black rival of Bubbles. He is introduced in Season 3, episode 1. Despite being married to Desiree, he still finds Bubbles attractive. He is also briefly seen flipping through pages of an issue of Plumpers Porn, possibly searching for a mistress. He even like it when Desireebbles and Desiree wrestle naked. On the last episode, he left the health spa with Desiree, who was disgruntled about Bubbles ruining their honeymoon. He refused to embrace a full-frontal Bubbles, mainly because she was covered in acupuncture needles. Yeahhhhhhh BABY

Desiree DeVere
Name Desiree DeVere
Age 53
Gender Female
Country UK
Occupation Former showjumper, by the name of "Mrs. Botswana"
Spouse Roman DeVere
Season(s) 3
Played By David Walliams
Conflicts With Bubbles DeVere

Desiree DeVere is the new wife of Roman DeVere. Like Bubbles, she has a catchphrase, referring to someone. Instead of "Dahlin'", she repeatedly says "Babby" (meaning "baby"). She is much taller, older, fatter and uglier than Bubbles. She also has a wig, which she claims to have never known she wore one. She hated Bubbles and often got into fights with her naked (she is also famous for doing full-frontals), much to Roman's pleasure.

She once thought Roman was having a sexual affair with Bubbles, when she climbed on him naked, giving the conclusion that they were having sex. Desiree angrily barked interrogations at him: "You want to get back with that HARLOT?!" But Roman refused, stating that he hated every minute of it, but an erection bulging underneath his towel proved him wrong.

Sick of all the interruptions and insults by Bubbles, Desiree left the Hill Grange Health Spa with Roman in a huff, when a naked Bubbles tried to hit on Roman one last time, Desiree jeeringly taunted: "He's staying with me, babby! He's MOINE. All mine!" She then let out a series of taunting cackles ("Nya-ha-ha! Nya-ha-ha! Nya-ha-ha!"), before running out, then running back and quickly uttering "Nyah", before finally leaving.

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