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Name Tania
Age 61
Gender Female
Country UK
Occupation FatFighters Member
Season 1, 2, 3
Played By N/A
Friendships with Meera, Pat, Paul, Dave (possibly)
Conflicts with Marjorie Dawes

Tania is a FatFighters member. She is often picked on by Marjorie for being "fat and old"

History Edit

She is perhaps known to be telling Marjorie Dawes what another member, Meera, is saying when Marjorie acts like she cannot understand foreign people.

In a sketch of Series Three, Marjorie's boyfriend Derek came over and while doing some exercise with Tania, Tania jokingly stated that it made her feel younger again. Marjorie, taking this as a flirtatious act, yelled at Tania and broke up with Derek.

Tania and all the other members during Series 3 Finale, quit FatFighters after Pat had been insulted.

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