Name Philip
Age 62
Gender Male
Country UK
Occupation Leader of the Opposition
Played By Nigel Havers

The Leader of the Opposition (or Philip) was the Leader of the Opposition whilst Michael was Prime Minister. He appeared in Episode 1 of Season 2 where he met with the Prime Minister to discuss education reform. After feeling "rejected", Sebastian Love (the Prime Minister's aide) molests the Leader of the Opposition in order to make the Prime Minister jealous. The second and final time we see the Leader of the Opposition is in Episode 2 of Season 3 where he rebukes the Prime Minister in Prime Minister's Questions, making comments about his aging appearance. However, Sebastian intervenes by singing Beautiful by Christina Aguilera. The Leader of the Opposition is heard saying "can we get him working for us?" at the end of Sebastian's routine

As Michael is compared with Tony Blair, and Robert with Gordon Brown, it is highly plausible to suggest that the opposition party is a spoof of the Conservative Party, but this is not confirmed by any Little Britain episode.

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