The President of the United States has appeared in Little Britain, Little Britain Abroad and Little Britain USA.

Little Britain[edit | edit source]

In Episode 2 of Season 2, the President holds a meeting with the Prime Minister in Downing Street, concerning Britain's support of American proposals. Tensions between the two lead the Prime Minister's aide Sebastian to fight with the President's aide, Marvin. The President ends the fight by telling both aides to be ashamed of acting like "a pair of third-graders". The President is portrayed by Vincent Marzello.

Little Britain Abroad[edit | edit source]

In Little Britain Abroad, the President holds meetings with the Prime Minister at the White House. Following a press conference where the Prime Minister talks of "the special relationship", Sebastian becomes suspicious that the Prime Minister is literally having a relationship with the President. After barging into a private meeting, Sebastian is reassured that there is no such relationship. After the meeting closed, Sebastian finds a white stain (semen) on the Prime Minister's lapel and even tastes it claiming it to be "familiar", but thinks nothing of it. The President stops the Prime Minister just as he is leaving, to return files which he had forgotten. The President blows him a kiss, and the Prime Minister licks his lips in response. The President in Little Britain Abroad is portrayed by Rolf Saxon.

Little Britain USA[edit | edit source]

In Little Britain USA, Sebastian Love is the new Prime Minister who has affections for US President Steel. They first meet in Episode 2.

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