Pete Pollard
Name Pete Pollard
Age 45
Gender Male
Country UK
Occupation unknown
Spouse Aunty Cath
Sibling Shelley Pollard
Season(s) 3
Played By David Walliams

Uncle Pete is the uncle of Vicky Pollard. He is seen in an episode of Series Three.

He phoned a "Chat-To-Single-Girls-On-Your-Phone" place and was asking "Sapphire" what was going on. She replied that she, along with other girls, were having a bit of "fun". He asked for their names, she identified them as Ferrero, Rocher and Twix which are all choclates.

Pete asked what exactly what they were doing, the woman replied that Ferrero was smearing Chambourrsy Hippopotamouse all over Rocher. When he asked what Twix was doing she relied "Erm, pickin' 'er feet an' watching June Sarpong on T4..." Irritated, Pete complained that the call was costing him a pound per minute and demanded them to be sexier. This prompted "Sapphire" on the line to lose her temper and go on an overly-complicated lecture about how she is "well the J-Lo", talking a bit more than necessary about her school teacher, etc.

Recognising the attitude and habit of over-speech, Pete realised that he was actually speaking to his niece Vicky. He apologised and made her promise that she wouldn't tell her Aunty Cath. Vicky finished the hotcall for him anyway and pleasantly said goodbye to her uncle.

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